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The film industry in India has already been in existence for over a century, and experts predict than in another few years, it will become the largest industry in the country. It has since long been one of the most lucrative industry for youngsters and has brought many to Mumbai with the dream of “making it big”.

Yes, dreams do come true in Bollywood, but only with the right amount of dedication, skill and hard work.

These days, film direction is an upcoming and popular career option, and to get into film direction one needs a passion for filmmaking and also the technical creative and skill for it.

As a director, you will need to correctly interpret the script, plan location, shots, oversee cinematography and technical aspects, co-ordinate staff, shooting schedule and ensure meeting of deadline.

If you have an undying passion for films, the ability to handle a large team and communicate well, a sound technical of cameras, cinematography and shot taking, a knack for creativity, strong conviction and decision-making ability, commitment to your work, and the ability to remain calm which enables you to work well even in a tight time schedule and budget, you have what it takes to be a director.

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