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Jaideep Chopra Productions was conceptualized and brought to life by proprietor and producer, Jaideep Chopra, with the sole aim of creating sensible, intelligent cinema.

In the past few years, the industry and the success of films has become dependent on star value and the importance of the script and storyline has been forgotten. Mainstream cinema is now full of mediocre content, often the same old stories repackaged and sold to the audience as “new”. Most production houses became “factories”, where the only objective was to produce maximum number of films and maximize revenue and the whole concept of creativity was lost somewhere along the way



The concept of creativity is that it knows no boundaries. We got our first taste of the charms of the visual medium with advertisement making. Later, the enticement of the big screen drew us into the commercial film industry. The challenge of film making lies in the ability to conceptualize, create and execute a convincing and captivating visual story that excites and holds the audience.

Besides our upcoming movie Maazii, work is already in progress on other commercial film projects and we will be targeting three releases this year.

In addition to commercial cinema, we would also considering venturing into short films and art films in the future.


Career in Films

A successful career in the film industry is a dream many of us have dreamt, but not everybody has what it takes to make it big in Bollywood. Life in Bollywood is not just about looking glamorous and walking on the red carpet. There is a lot of hard work involved in becoming a “celebrity”.

We believe that with new people come fresh ideas and often a new, sometimes better, perspective of viewing things, and creativity is so central to the film business that without new talent, the industry would perish. For those of you who have the talent and skill to make a career in films and are not afraid of hard work, we, at Jaideep Chopra Productions, would be glad to give you a chance.

For careers in acting, direction and writing, fill in the form on the respective pages. For career options in other fields, write to us at careers@jcproductions.in

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